Temporary Business Signs FAQ

Where can I place a sign for my business in the U.S. 1 work area?

All signs, temporary or permanent, must be placed on private property, outside of PennDOT’s right-of-way.  All signs must have an approved permit from Bensalem Township and comply with township ordinances. Permit applications can be found at https://www.bensalempa.gov/applications.html and can be submitted by email to permitcenter@bensalempa.gov.

How do I know where PennDOT’s right-of-way line is located for this project?

The right-of-way line for the U.S. 1 work area may be marked with a line of stakes or painted on the surface beyond the edge of the existing roadway.  If you would like help determining the location of the right-of-way line, please Email us at info@us1bucks.com or use the contact form on this website and someone will contact you.

What is the Bensalem Township sign ordinance?

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